Save 25% and receive the upcoming sign with the Astrological Subscription


At Lilith Ascendant we have 2 subscription types:

THE ASTROLOGICAL SUBSCRIPTION: Want to experience each astrological sign as it approaches? The Astrological subscription will deliver a different candle designed around the upcoming sign just as that sign is arriving. Twelve candles per year. Sign up for the ASTROLOGICAL SUBSCRIPTION from the dedicated subscription page.

MY HOROSCOPE SUBSCRIPTION: Love your sign or one of the candle scents and want to fully experience it all year long? The My Horoscope subscription sends the same candle to you as often as you want. Sign up for the MY HOROSCOPE SUBSCRIPTION from each candle's individual page.


Initial subscription orders placed on the 2nd through the 15th ahead of the upcoming sign will be preordering the next sign. All orders placed prior to the 2nd of the month will receive the current astrological sign as their first box. Orders received between the 15th and 1st of the next month will process right away for the upcoming or current sign (depending on exactly when the sign changes.) Basically, the 1st of each month is the cutoff for the current sign and then we switch over  to preparing the next sign for the ASTROLOGICAL SUBSCRIPTION. Any previously released candle can still be purchased normally through the candle product page.

All subsequent subscription orders will process on the 12th of the next calendar month and be shipped around the 15th of that month. This ensures that ASTROLOGICAL SUBSCRIBERS are normally receiving their candles about when the new sign is starting.  

To see what candle is shipping, check the ASTROLOGICAL SUBSCRIPTION product description.


Both subscriptions include a 25% discount from the regular full price of the candles. 


You will need to create an account to manage your subscription. Do this by clicking ‘Create Account’ that can be found if you select the 'account' icon in the navigation. You can also add orders, skip orders, or change delivery address at any time by creating an account.